How To Start A Blog – A Step By Step Guide

Before I get into how to start a blog, I’ll be covering some important details for successful blogging first.

People will start blogging without a plan or idea on how they should proceed. Hell, I made that mistake (and many more) so let’s do it right from the start.

Thinking about starting a blog? You should because this is how you build a long term business platform.

Most people want to learn how to start a blog, but become intimidated by the thought of all that work.

Man, if I could travel back and tell myself, “Sheldon” start blogging, I would.

Hindsight is 20/20. I missed so much traffic from the search engines from not blogging.

The number one reason for building a blog is to build of list of people who like and trust you.

When that happens, they will purchase from you without having to sell them your business model.


Are you ready to discover how to start a blog?

Eager to learn how to get people to like and trust you?

And discover the absolute best way to make money with your blog.

Over View

A blog is where you introduce people to your brand to build trust and relationships.

How to get people to like and trust you?

You create content that answers their problems, you make videos that teach them something and you constantly add massive value to their lives.

I see people create blogs with only one thing in mind— To benefit themselves.

It should be your goal to help people before ever asking for a sale.

“How can I help you”. Just focus your efforts on the people reading your content.

When you quit focusing on you and stop trying to sell all the time and focus on the people reading your content the money will come.

When you stop trying to sell, they will buy from you because they connected with you and feel indebted to you for helping them.

Now the next phase on how to start a blog is…

Market Research

Who is my target market, what are their problems, what are they searching for, what can I do to add value to their lives and I want to know what my competition is doing.

When creating a blog that people love to read you need to figure out what people are talking about.

Let’s focus on internet & network marketers and head over to the biggest 2 forums where our target market hangout.

TIP: You should always complete this before ever starting a blog.

The biggest internet marketing forum is warrior forum.

At any given time you will find thousands of members online regardless of what time you login.

Now the first thing I notice people are asking things like “how to earn money with”, “lead pages, clickfunnels or my own site”, “what are the big methods to make money in 2017”, “profitable niche or waste of time”, but if we dig deeper you will find many different topics people are having trouble with.


how to start a blog


Next I will head over to better networker which is the biggest network marketing forum.


how to start a blog

The first thing I see people asking about is…. “video or blogging, which gets more engagement”, “what do you think is the best kind of marketing”, “what do you lead with, your product or your opportunity”, and the list goes on and on.

Write down what people are having trouble with, searching for and looking for answers.

Now the next phase on how to start a blog…

Finding The Top Blogs In My Niche

I want to know what my competitors are doing, what content are they creating and how are they interacting with their audience.

You’ll discover how they’re monetizing their site to get ideas for your own site.

The easiest way to do this is a simple google search on your niche.

So type in “internet marketing blogs”.

how to start a blog

These are the top two posts that have 175 blogs to find ideas for content to create.

When going through blogs look for 5 bloggers who constantly put out top notch content.

Remember, we’re looking for value to build relationships with our followers.

Once were done I like to go through their archives and find blog posts I like.

Save them in a notepad file, or you can bookmark them for later when you need ideas for content to create.

Warning: Do not steal or copy anyone’s content. Read other peoples material to get ideas.

YOU should create your own unique versions. ok?

Now the next phase on how to start a blog…

Keyword Research

Earlier I told you to jot down all the different questions and searches from the forum.

Now let’s use these for ideas to create some content.

I use Google Keyword Planner to do some research.

Now if I was writing a blog post for for example, I would refer back to the person asking how to earn money with

Hmmm…..let’s type this into the google keyword tool and find out ; )

how to start a blog

You can see there are plenty of searches for how to earn money. You can get hundreds of keywords to form your content around.

Remember to write your content for the visitor first, SEO second. Of course you want to be indexed in the search engines, you’ll need to follow basic on page optimization which I’ll show you later in this post.

A blog is a powerful tool to build your business, drive traffic and even make money when you structure it the right way.

With our market research done, it’s time to talk about what I think is the most important part of running a blog.

Build Your List And Start Right Now!

My biggest fail was not building my list sooner.

When you build an email list of targeted people in your niche, you need to get involved with them.

Any time I want to discus a topic, a product or send traffic to a new blog post or Youtube video.

All I have to do is send out an email to my subscribers.

You’re going to need an email autoresponder to collect these emails and have the ability to mail people without your email landing in the spam box.

I’ve been using AWeber for years and it’s one of the most reliable and trusted services on the market.

If you think you don’t need to build a list, look at this way.

If someone goes to your blog and reads your content and leaves, how will you market to them in the future?

How will you get them to come back to read your content?

When you have their email it gives you the ability to email them when you have new content or to let them know to come back and read your blog.

No matter what, your main focus with your blog is to get people onto your email list.

Put a optin form on the sidebar, link to your squeeze page in your content.

And use a exit pop up when someone tries to leave in order to capture their email before you lose them forever.

My Go-To product I use in my business to make my squeeze pages and optins is Click Funnels. With Aweber and Click Funnels, I can pretty much run my whole business with these two tools.

So if you didn’t get the point yet, BUILD YOUR LIST!

So far we have covered market and keyword research, and the 2 programs I use everyday in my business.

Now the next phase on how to start a blog is…

On Page SEO

Now let’s talk about how to create the content and make sure we set everything up properly.

Before you begin writing content, you need to understand how to structure your content to rank in the search engines.

Title of Your Post

When writing content one of the most important factors to on page SEO is the title.

It tells the search engines what your post is about.

You want to make sure the keyword you’re doing the blog post around is in the title.

I try to make this look as natural as possible for the title.

Example: The title of this post is- How To Start A Blog– A Step By Step Guide

The keyword is how to start a blog, but just having how to start a blog looks a little odd to the search engines.

Also, it doesn’t grab the attention of people as well as adding a step by step guide.

TIP: Always write for people first, search engines second.

Make sure you install the Yoast SEO plugin which will allow you to setup your on page SEO the easy way.

You will place the title in the normal spot for a wordpress post, but also in Yoast seo which I will show you shortly.

Meta Description

The meta description is exactly what it sounds like— the description of what the post is about.

This small snippet helps the search engines and viewers when searching in Google. See below for an example.

how to start a blog




Note: This is the meta description I’m talking about above.

You want to type a relevant description that tells what the post is about, but sprinkle the keyword inside the description as natural as possible so it makes sense and captures the viewers attention.

 Focus Keyword

The next step is to actually put your keyword we did research on earlier into the post. That way it tells the search engines what your post is about.

Remember the Yoast SEO plugin you installed?

This is where you will enter the focus keyword and see the actual analysis below.

Keep in mind this shot is from my actual page you’re on right now!

how to start a blog

One you install the Yoast SEO plugin, it will show up on every post and page. This is real good way to optimize all of the information we just talked about above.

Simply do whatever you need to do to make each item on the list above green.

This will tell Google what your post is about and help them index your content properly.

If you do this for every post you’ll boosts your ranking naturally.


You want your permalink common settings on “Post Name”. To check, go to the menu on the left, scroll down to settings, then move down to permalinks and click it.

how to start a blog

Change if necessary and save changes. This is a one time step.

Now the next step is to change the permalink to the keyword.

This step is what you will have do on every post or page you create.

When you first type the title of your blog post in WP, by default it will look like this.

how to start a blog

Notice how the link shows exactly what the title of the post is.

So in the search engines it will look like this for the URL:

“http ://”

Now this is good because the keyword in the title, but change it to the keyword of exactly what the post is about.

So here’s how to change it. Click the edit button and delete everything after how to start a blog so it has just the keyword like below.

how to start a blog

how to start a blog

how to start a blog

Make sure to click OK and save your draft or update.

This is more search engine friendly and will help you show up higher in the search engines.

Optimize Your Images

Now this is something most people don’t do and that’s optimizing all my images (alt tags) for the keyword.

You will get extra traffic from people searching for images and something grabs their attention.

You can optimize your images when you upload them.

Before uploading your images change the name of the image to your keyword.

Example: blog.png

how to start a blog


After you upload your media and inset into page, click on the image, then click on the pencil

how to start a blog

Type your keyword into the alternative text and image title attribute sections.

how to start a blog

When done, be sure to click update.

how to start a blog

Now when you hover your mouse over the picture, your keyword will display.

Create Content People Love

Some peoples goal is a huge volume of posts. Now this might work, but I try to work smarter not harder.

If you can create a great tutorial page exactly like the one you’re reading now…

And if you can turn a post centered around a keyword into a tutorial post…

This will be the type of content people will love, like and share with their friends.

So you’re much better off creating one awesome post or page that people will love, over 100’s of crappy low quality posts.

Now these types of posts take a while to create, but you will get better results if you create content like this.

Most people want to take shortcuts and not create content worth reading.

I would rather focus on one high quality article over writing a bunch of content people hate.

OK, one last step that’s important before showing you how to setup your first blog.

Social Syndication

Now if you followed along this far than you understand why I’ve taught you all of this before showing you how to start a blog.

I want to make sure you avoid all the mistakes I did. You will get better results with your blog and people won’t think twice about doing what I’m about to teach you.

There are plenty of places to submit your content to like and make your content go viral, but the best way is to simply ask your readers to share the content if they enjoyed it.

If you did your job and focused on creating content that helps them they won’t even think twice about sharing your content.

They will be happy to share it with their friends. If you took shortcuts and created content just for the sake of ranking in the search engines, they won’t even read your content.

It’s really that simple, when you create good content it makes it much easier to have real people help you syndicate your content over trying to use spammy methods or using bots that Google can detect.

Now that you understand how to create a successful blog, why not learn about sales funnels?

Sign up for my boot camp.



  1. Blogging is definitely an important element in any business, whether they are established or just starting out. If you look at some of the major companies, they almost all have blogs. That alone is an indicator of how important blogging is.

    I’m glad you mentioned setting your target market. One of the mistakes I made was getting confused about what is my target market. Over time I have (and still am) been able to narrow my target market more and more specifically. But I can attest to the importance of doing that. With a spcefied target market your message becomes clearer and your credibility goes up. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

  2. Sheldon,
    I am new to the WA and blogging is completely new territory to me. I had no idea how to blog before I read your home page. Some of the pieces I have written for my website at WA need to be revisit to ensure I have covered your checklist for How to Start a Blog. Your step-by-step process on how to successfully blog is very timely.
    I thought blogging was all about promoting what you were trying to sell on the internet; not sorting out people’s problems and offering them alternatives. I am trying to grasp your comment where you say, “I missed so much traffic from the search engines just from blogging.” Can you clarify this for me, thanks?
    I now have a new appreciation for blogging that will help folks, earn their trust, get traffic and in the end will build a better business.

    • Nice job finding that typo!. It should read “I missed so much traffic from the search engines from not blogging.

      My page introduces you to my brand by simply telling you what I do, or have done to help solve issues and problems.

      I used to just sent traffic to the sales page with the sole purpose of selling only.

      Hope that helps and good eye.

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