About Me

“I made a decision to change my life and do whatever it takes to get the results I want. You can start by making a commitment to yourself to reach your goals by investing in your education and taking action on what you learn.”

I originally got into this business because I was laid off from my corporate America job after 19 years.

I remember searching on the internet… “make money online” and I discovered Internet Marketing.

I was amazed at how seemingly average people were living a dream, traveling the world and making monthly incomes that equaled my annual salary.

Once I saw that I made the DECISION to learn how to create a better lifestyle.

I told myself, if other people can do it, Then so can I damn it.

I decided right then to stop buying into the HYPE and focus on building a reliable business.

I made a commitment to myself to give this business everything I got and focus on learning from the right person, applying the knowledge I learned and constantly investing in myself to get better.

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